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The purpose of this website is to give Deerfield residents a place to go for Neighborhood Covenants, Association By-Laws, Deerfield History, and other interesting tidbits like aerial imagery and location of our underground lines.  

Deerfield Civic League (DCL) Mission:

According to the articles of incorporation:

  1. To promote through cooperatve action the general welfare of the residents of Deerfield, a subdivision in Clay Township, County of Hamilton, State of Indiana
  2. To exercise and enjoy all those powers granted to corporations generally under the Indiana Not-For-Profit Corporate Act of 1971,as amended
  3. To do any and every act or thing that is necessary, convenient, or expedient for the accomplishment of any purpose or the attainment of any lawful object or the furtherance of any power herin setforth

2018-19 Board

President: Janet Harper
Vice President: Chris Jaeger
Secretary:Gail Mulligan
Treasurer:David Foxworthy

At-Large: Scott Gleason

Revised Covenants for Review

Click here to view proposed (revised and unified) Covenants

Click here to view REDLINE of proposed Covenants with changes from current Covenants highlighted

Click here to view the accompanying Architectural Control Committee Guidelines