History of the Land that is now Deerfield
Where the information comes from
The information presented here is taken from an abstact of 9825 Brandon Ct. for the Vanatta's in about 1964.
The legal description of the Deerfield Area in the Abstract
In legal terms, the area of Deerfield is known as "the Southeast quarter of the Southeast Quarter of Section 9, Township 17 North, Range 3 East".

Here's how it works:  All the land in Hamilton County is divided up into a tile of square parcels for the purpose of legal description.  "Township 17 North" refers to a all the land in the southern quarter of the county.  "Range 3 East" refers to all the land in the western quarter of the county.  Taken together, "Township 17 North, Range 3 East" refers to a block of land in the southwest corner of the county, roughly from 96th/Michigan in the far southwest, up to 146th street, over to Westfield blvd, and back down to 96th. 

"Section 9" refers to a 640-acre square within Townshop 17 North, Range 3 East.  Section 9 is a square bordered by 96th St, Township Line Rd, 106th St., and Ditch Road.  Section 9 is further subdivided into quarters, and each quarter is divided into quarters.  The quarter of a quarter is 40 acres.   Deerfield takes up most of the southest quarter of the Southeast Quarter of section 9.

Sequence of Ownership of the southeast quarter of the Southeast Quarter of section 9
Unlike most other property in our area, our 40 acres was not subdivided until Deerfield was platted.  This makes it easy to tell the story of who has owned the land:
  1. In 1833, Daniel Clark was deeded our quarter of the Quarter by the United States of America
  2. In 1835, Daniel Clark conveyed the land to William Fultz
  3. In 1864, William and Abigail Fultz conveyed the land to Gottlieb Wachtstetter
  4. In 1869, Gottlieb and Anne Wachtstetter conveyed the land to Christopher Wachtstetter
  5. In 1875, Christopher and Gahanete Wachtstetter conveyed the land to Andrew J. Sheets
  6. In 1888, after Andrew J. Sheets had passed away, his heirs William A. Sheets and John W. Sheets conveyed the land to George W. Sheets
  7. In 1900, George W. and Orpha Sheets conveyed the land to Walter S. Johnson
  8. In 1900, Walter S. Johnson, conveyed the land back to William A. Sheets
  9. In 1906, William A. and Mary A.Sheets conveyed the land to Myrtle Sheets
  10. In the 30's, an easement is given for a gas pipeline through the area.  This pipeline runs under what is now the Simon golf course.
  11. Now it gets messy in the probate courts in the 1930's and 40's.
  12. Finally in 1941, the whole Sheets clan conveys the land to Elijh B. Martindale
  13. Martindale apparently defaulted, and the land became the property of Merchants Bank, who then sold it to Guernsey Van Riper, Jr.
  14. In 1960, Guernsey Van Riper, Jr. and Ruth Lilly Van Riper obtained a right of way from the pipeline corporation for the purpose of platting the land
  15. In 1959, The Van Ripers and Theron R. Hale  establish protective covenants for Deerfield section 1
  16. In 1965, Deerfield Section 2 is platted

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